Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Anti Procrastination Tuesday/To Do List

 Today I am taking part in the Anti Procrastination Tuesday Meme hosted by Amy @ New Nostalgia.  I figure with me being procrastinator (the biggest) in the world, this might actually help me to become motivated to get some housework accomplished.  One can only pray it will help me.  I hate to admit it but Lordy do I procrastinate on the things in life I do not like doing.  Housework being the one at the top of the list.  So without further ado here is my list of things to get accomplished this week:

My zone:  The Living Area and Kitchen

Put everything back into it's proper place
Do dishes and keep the kitchen clean
Put together the new bookcase still in it's box (which was delivered 3 weeks ago)
Vacuum floors, walls and ceilings

No less than 30 mins daily

Once you see the following pictures please don't be alarmed.  It has been much worse (and much better).  I am so ashamed of my new trailer.  So I figured if I totally embarrassed myself by posting these pics, and next week posting the after, that it will give me the (much needed) motivation to GET THE JOB DONE.  

What did I say, I am so ashamed, hanging my head low.  This is what happens to a mid life college student (with lots of homework) who has a life, grand kids, children and more than I can possibly do everyday.  Determination is what I need.  As you can see from the gorgeous pics of my living space that it's not very big.  So if one thing is out of place it looks cluttered, if more than one thing out of place, it looks like a southern big ole tornado swept through.  Yes, that's me you seen on the news in the beat up old house coat, fuzzy slippers, hair in curlers and no teeth, crying telling the newsman I didn't see it coming.  Ok, in all actuality I did see it coming. 

As you can see the new bookcase is propped up against the portable closet, my grandsons play pen is still up from him being here last night, the futon is open from the two older grands spending the night, floor nasty, table top just a clutter catch all, and more and more.  Ugh................I can't stand to look at it. 

Somewhere under all this mess is my new furniture, clean and shiny, and a clean organized living space.  Wish me luck and see you next week with pictures of the clean new space again. 

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  1. You can do it! It's total motivation to post them online :)