Thursday, November 17, 2011

My Joy


1.  The passion or emotion excited by the acquisition or expectation of good; pleasurable feelings or emotions caused by success, good fortune, and the like, or by a rational prospect of possessing what we love or desire; gladness; exhilaration of spirits; delight. 

Sometimes as we go through our daily lives we forget to celebrate, or hold dear, the things we have in our lives, that bring us great joy.  Sometimes we simply take for granted precious things that bring us joy. 

This year has been an extremely difficult year for me.  In the blink of an eye my entire life changed.  In a simple matter of moments my world was turned upside down.  How I had pictured and dreamed of my life ahead, was gone, taken away in a flash.  It was not due to physical death, thankfully, but to my husband announcing last Christmas that he “wanted a divorce”, that he “no longer loved me as he should”.  In my happy little world, this was a death.  It was a death, a death of my joy.

Naturally I thought I had no more joy left in my life.  I was stunned, sad, to say the least, and heartbroken. 

You see, during the last couple of years in my marriage, I had prayed that God bring me closer to my grandchildren.  I had prayed that he show me some way to be in their lives more, to be physically closer to them, and to be able to spend more time with them.  You see they were going through a very difficult time themselves.  I prayed for God to guide me in the right direction and that whatever he chose for me, would be a benefit to not only myself, but to them.  I prayed that whatever he felt was good and right that I would heed and follow.  God in all his infinite wisdom had directed me to all that brings me great joy.  He guided me straight to them, as if they were a shining star in the heavens above.  

My JOY is my grandchildren…………….

Rylee, my newest grandson
Jakob, my oldest grandson

Hailey, my granddaughter

These precious little beings have brought me more lasting joy than I could have ever imagined.  Their smiles, laughter, hugs and kisses are what brought me back to finding real and lasting joy in my life once again.  

Seeing everyday life, through the eyes of my grand children, is a  dear reminder of what joy really is, and how never, ever to take the simple things for granted.

Oh and by the way, remember when you say your prayers, that you just might want to be a little more specific about what you're asking for.   God still let me keep my sense of humor.

Until next time my sweet friends remember to,

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  1. Wow! Great photos and many hugs to you as ~Happy TAT ~ Carol (A Creative Harbor) walk through this major life change ~ Grand children are beautiful ~

  2. What cutie-pies! I'm glad your prayers were answered, though I'm sorry it took some pain to get there. And, yes, keeping your sense of humor is a must!

  3. Dear Treesia:
    I am thrilled that you have these treasures in your life and are able to find joy. I empathize with your pain and loss, having gone through the same thing a few years ago. I'm working on a memoir about the loss of dream and rebuilding, trying to get perspective on where the journey has taken me and where I have yet to go. It's not easy when someone you love dismantles your whole life.

  4. What hard, hard thing to go through! I have heard, and believe, that a divorce is worse than a death. Grandchildren need us because we give them something that mom and dad can't, and we get so much in return!! It is mutual! And yours are so beautiful!!! They all live very close and you get to see them often? Do you babysit much?

  5. Noone or nothing can ever ,in my opinion, replace the innocent love of a child. Especially. when they are grand ones. I have a great grandson that I would give my life for. Life is never easy, but you will survive.

  6. I'm sorry for what you have gone through this year and I'm glad your precious grandchildren bring you joy. Very sweet photos of them!