Monday, November 7, 2011

It Beacons Me

If you read yesterdays post on Sunday Serenity you know I am thinking of a future move (in about 3 years) to living on the ocean.  It all just may be a pipe dream, but I am making it a goal for myself.  So when I decided to make my post today with Sally @ Smiling Sally for her Blue Monday, then naturally once again the ocean came to my mind.  Click the button below and join other bloggers on this glorious Blue Monday with us.

seeing some of these

Sitting here mornings and evenings

walking the pier

hopefully seeing these

naturally drinking at least one

Just sitting and relaxing

Under these.
I long for beach views during my days.

Thanks for letting me participate Sally.

Until tomorrow,


  1. WOW!!! Love those BLUES!
    Happy Monday!

  2. Thanks for sharing these beautiful blues.

    Happy Blue Monday, Treasia.

  3. These shot of the ocean are absolutely gorgeous. Living on the ocean would definitely be a different lifestyle. I could not do it as I have a fear of water.

  4. I just returned froma vacation in Florida and saw many of these sights. Ocean living is beautiful! Happy Blue Monday!

  5. Oh I just love that first photo but they are all great. I would love to sit there with blue painted toes reading a good book. Happy Blue Monday!

  6. Delightful!

    Late visiting from Blue Monday, hope you can come and see my entry, thanks!

  7. You'll get that dream if you keep planning! Sounds wonderful!