Friday, November 4, 2011

You Capture - Harvest & Halloween

Good morning to all of you.  First thing I want to do today is to thank each of you for coming by and visiting with me and my blog.  I am excited that even though I've only re-started my blog about one week ago, that I've already had visitors.  Yes, to me this is exciting, it never did take much to excite me.  :)  Please do leave me some comment love and I promise I will be so kind as to comment back to you, hey I might even go to your blog and have a looksy.  I am always adding new blogs to my blog roll.

Today I decided to take part in Beth's "YOU CAPTURE"  Friday meme.  You can find Beth and lots of others participating over at "I Should Be Folding Laundry".  Go over and have a look and maybe even join me and everyone else with your photos today.

 The week before Halloween I decided to take my three grand children to Pebbles Farms for an adventure, at their Corn Maze and Pumpkin Patch.  This was no easy feat for me, considering their ages are, 8, 5 and not quite a 1 yr old.   I am not as young as I once was nor have the patience I once had.  For you young mothers this is probably not much of a big deal taking your kids out and about, for me, a small feat.  Pebbles Farm is located over an hours drive away, but very close to where I grew up.  This gave me the opportunity to take the kids to their Great Grandmother's and Great Aunt's to visit.  It also allowed me to spend the day with not only my grands but my daughter as well.  It's a halfway meeting place for her and I. 

Let me just say that the entire day was worth it, not only to me, but the smile and giggles from my grandchildren as well.  I have now vowed to make this a yearly tradition for as long as I possibly can.  Pebbles Farm is amazing!  They had huge displays of all sorts of pumpkins (all sizes) and gourds as well.  They provided children's wagons to carry all your purchases in while there and to take them out to your vehicle.  A huge playground area was set up for the kids, as well as a petting zoo, mini houses dotted the way which sold anything from postcards to homemade jams and butters.  All of this was completely surrounded by a huge Sunflower Field, Pumpkin Patch and Corn Maze.

A few giant pumpkins

The most adorable "gourd ghosts"

I have no idea what these are, but loved the color.  Will be getting some next year.

Princess Pumpkins with my little princess

My two favorite men in the world.

The Pumpkin Truck full of my pumpkins

Pig at Petting Zoo


Two very adorable goats that were butting heads

Corn Maze entrance

Huge Pumpkin Patch and my pumpkins holding the map of Maze.

Making memories and a tradition

memories and tradition started

As you can see FUN was had by all.  The following week was Halloween.  I got the joy of taking the two oldest out "trick or treating" that night.

My little goblins.  You can see she is terrified

I loved every minute of those two weeks with my grands.  It's wonderful to watch their faces and remember your own Halloween's through their eyes.

I welcome you to come and visit me again, and until that time,


  1. Cute photos! Love that idea about the gourd ghosts - never seen anything like that before!

    Thanks for stopping by NOH and I hope you enjoy You Capture. I've been participating for about a year and really enjoy it! :)

  2. What a lot of great photos! I can see you enjoy taking pictures as much as I do. I love all of them but the ones that include your very cute grandchildren are the best. What a lot of great ideas - especially the growth chart and ghost gourds.
    Great post!