Thursday, November 3, 2011

The Lady in Red

I have always loved the song Lady In Red, and always wanted to be the lady in red.  (whose dancing with someone cheek to cheek).  In fact had I had my way, my last wedding I would have worn red.  Now that it has ended I sure wish I would have went with that color.  :)

This week over at Girl Talk (GT, for short) the topic is Christmas (Dress) Wish List.  So what better way to indulge myself in my favorite color than to peruse the stores online and find the perfect red dress for Christmas.  Everything is from J.C. Penney in the pictures.  While fantasy shopping I also added the perfect accessories to go along with it.  Now if only I had somewhere to wear all these gorgeous items, I might actually purchase them.  A Lady can dream.........................

 I can just imagine me walking into some holiday party dressed in all my finery.  Heads turning, wondering who the Lady in Red is, whispers from the ladies present, the men swooning at my feet.  Oh yes, a lady can dream.

 I have always loved ruffles.  It is so hard to find a dress that compliments the mature figure.  It seems that every dress I find anymore has no sleeves that hide the ever increasing WING SPAN.  You mid-lifers know what I'm talking about.  So I was very happy to find one with not only ruffles but three quarter length sleeves as well.
 And oohlala.  The perfect ruffle shoes.  These make me swoon.

A gorgeous ruffled evening bag.  Well maybe roses but to me they look like ruffles.  Of course no holiday outfit is complete without some gorgeous accessories to go along.  Naturally when you think Red, you think of Rubies.  I adore Rubies.

 How fun this meme was to do.  Thanks Girl Talk for letting me participate today.  I look forward to more from you in the future. 

Well my friends, what do you think?  Like em, or hate em? 

Till next time,


  1. i never stopped dreaming, too:) keeps me afloat...letting me experienced life in the fab lane^_^

    that heart shaped pendant were to die for:)

  2. love them of course! i'm a ruffles lover like you! wow at the shoes, especially. i don't have shoes with ruffles (yet) because i hardly go to any fancy place these days but wow. i would gladly buy that just for the sake of having it.

    welcome to girls talk dearie :)

  3. I love everything red! Look at that shoes, that is so gorgeous! Wow! :)

    Was here for GT. I shared about my JLo's Crop Jacket Desire. :)

  4. beautiful red dress plus all the accessories :-) am sure you look sexy on them, dropping some love for Girls Talk, hope that you can visit me back too