Little Trailer in the Woods

Home Sweet Home
Right after moving back to Mountain View I had to live with my son and daughter in law for several months.  Due to a husband that said he "no longer loved me", story for another day.  This was not easy.  *smile*  After finally landing a job, saving money, and practically asking to be institutionalized (giggle), I set out to find my own place.  At this point in time I didn't care if I rented or purchased just give me life back alone.  I lucked out and found, not 1, but 2 trailers for sale on 3 acres of land, just two miles from town.  I had hit a gold mine for what I was seeking.  So I talked my son into buying it with me, so that we could still be close, but not in the same house.  It has worked out beautifully for the most part.  Having him and my babies right behind me is wonderful.

I haven't had a chance to do much to my new place, but eventually will do things.  I would like to put in new cabinets and a small island in my kitchen, repaint the only bathroom, and my bedroom.  Really that's about it.  It is a small one bedroom (bedroom not much bigger than most walk in closets), but has a large living and kitchen area.  It also has a sweet little deck out back.  You will find me most days on this deck weather and homework permitting.  

I wish I could show you some before and after pictures, but as said, nothing has been done yet.  I have purchased all new furniture for the living area, as well as new curtains throughout.  Stay with me as I will be taking and showing more pictures as my blog progresses, as well as the small renovations.