Monday, November 14, 2011

Winter Coziness

Winter is fast approaching here in the Ozark Mountains of Arkansas.  Our small town becomes a magical place when the first snow fall arrives.  We simply hibernate and spend our time indoors.  At least most of us do anyway.  I have several things that I love to do in the winter months, while I am hibernating.  I thought it would be fun to post it in pictures.  So here are some of my favorite things to wear, some things I see, and some of what I do.  

Winter Wonderland

Envelope myself in a warm robe

Relax in a warm bath with bath salts

Take a luxurious bath in a cozy warm room

Watch the beautiful birds out my windows

Wrap in a warm quilt and read

in front of a warm fireplace

while wearing something warm and cozy on my feet.

Today I am joining Smiling Sally for Blue Monday and Little Red House for Mosaic Monday.  Click on the links below the buttons to skip over and join in the other beautiful Blue Monday and Mosaic Monday posts.  Tell em that Treasia sent you.  

Smiling Sally

Little Red House

Until next time my friends remember to,

All photos courtesy of Google Images.  


  1. I love the blues you've shown--especially that bird!

    Happy Blue Monday, Treasoa.

  2. Gorgeous shades of blue and I love the blue tub in the bathroom!

  3. We have a lot in common. I sleep in long flannel gowns, wear warm house shoes, robes and wrap up when going out. Quilts are my weakness. I really like the pattern on yours.

  4. What a beautiful post! I was born and raised in Arkansas and still have family there. The quilts and warm robes and slippers are a must! Love your blog...I feel right at home! You can probably even understand my Southern drawl! heehee! ♥

  5. Oh my looking at the photos I feel like I am going to crawl in bed. ^_^ Happy Monday!

    Finding Yellow & Blue

  6. Wow, such lovely blues!

    Blue as can Be, hope you can join the giveaway.

  7. Did you take all these pictures? The first one is beautiful! Is that your bathroom? I love that quilt and the blue jay, and the fireplace is so unusual!!

  8. Love your post and the blues you shared. I am ready to cozy up with a book and some hot cocoa :)