Wednesday, November 9, 2011

A Walk Down Memory Lane

A long long time ago we'll not tell how long ago, in a far away place a few miles from here, their lived a little girl who loved living in the country.  She climbed trees, played on her swing set, walked to her grandma's for chocolate cake and eventually had to grow up.  That little girl is none other than me.  I bet you knew that though.  

Today's post is about fashions from your "old" pictures.  I bet if Beauty Queen Gene knew how old my fashion was she might just stroke.  At least mine compared to the other ladies on her blog meme.  :) 

First up I have a picture of myself sporting a hand made (grandmother made it, she's now 106), little two piece outfit.  I have on a cute little belly top with ruffles (see I even loved ruffles then) and a pair of matching shorts.  Notice even the little ruffles on my socks!  I was the ruffle queen.  I think I might have been around 5 or 6, so that would make it about 43 some odd years ago.  Wasn't I just adorable?  *smile*

Next up is my 7th grade band picture.  If memory serves me correctly this little sweet ensemble was also made by my grandmother.  I also believe it was a pale blue and some sort of really scratchy material.  Probably polyester no doubt.  Those big bottom pants legs were in style then ladies.  So happy to know this style is gone.

 Up next my cheer leading days.  Oh those were the days my friend, I wished they'd never end.............OK, excuse me on my flashback moment.  I loved that song!  I think I was in the 5th grade here.  Honestly hard to remember because I was a cheerleader from 4th thru 12th grade.  Yes, those gorgeous knee socks were the bomb. 

I hoe you've enjoyed my little walk down memory lane and the fashion show.  It was a lot of fun remembering the old style of clothes.  Lord at some of the pictures I could share, but even I don't want to remember some of those fashions. 

Head on over to Beauty Queen Gene's for Girl Talk.  Today's topic is:  Fashion From the Old Days.  

Girl Talk Thursday

See you ladies later, till then,,,,,,,,,,,,,,


  1. The baby clothes are still cute...ruffles came back today. Wow the bell bottoms : D Fashion is getting better as time passes by ;)

    Thanks for the visit and comment in my blog :)

    My GT
    our family

  2. you look pretty in all your pics :)

  3. HaHaHa, Brings back lots of memories! I am in that era too! Cute post!

  4. Thanks so much for visiting -- I love making new friends! I enjoyed seeing your "blast from the past" -- I have some things my Grandma crocheted for me, too. Little gloves for Sunday and a little drawstring purse.

  5. I so enjoyed getting to know you and your trailor in the woods from your about me sections in the blog. I got married at 18 the first time and have been married to my second husband for 29 years. I was a special education teacher but had to retire due to multiple sclerosis...I so admire you going back to collage...and I look forward to reading your blog...Michelle

  6. wooo!! ruffles are still fashionable today :) infact I have in my sets in my closet (hihi)

  7. I was smiling throughout! You look adorable in all your photos! You *really* are the ruffles queen. You were rocking it before I was born! *bows down*

    fun post!