Friday, November 18, 2011

Friday Fun

Today I woke to the most beautiful clear blue sky, without a single cloud in sight.  So after drinking my first morning cup of coffee yes this time I had coffee first I decided to head outdoors and capture some beauty and fun that’s in my world.  My camera has become a tool of sorts.  This tool has helped me to see the beauty of the simple things in my everyday life.  You know those small things that you might normally take for granted.  

I no longer take those small things for granted anymore.  If you read yesterday’s post here, you know why.  

I first took some shots of the sky.  I noticed the sun was in one area and the moon was still up and on its side as well.  I then meandered around the yard just snapping shots of the things around.  

The normal things here at my Little Trailer in the Woods, like firewood, still stacked up to be cut down to size.  My son burns wood for their heat in the winter months.  I wish I could say I had a fireplace to use the wood in.  My tool and I both noticed how pretty the wood grain is.  

Then again I walked around in the front yard.  I snapped a few pictures of the dogs.  These dogs bring a lot of fun into my world every day.  The boston terrier, Thumper, belongs to my grandchildren.  I love this dog because if not for him last winter, I probably would have frozen to death.  There was a week or more we lost power due to ice and over a foot of snow.  We had no phone and lived way out in the woods.  We ran out of firewood, and had only what we could gather lying on the ground outdoors.  The roads were too bad to drive on and we would have ended up in the ditches if we had attempted it.  Also at the worst time, my son’s chainsaw quit working.  The temps were well below freezing.  Thumper slept in my bed at night and his body warmth was dearly cherished.  

This little fellow here is named Blackie for lack of a better name.  He’s here because; well I guess you could say I adopted him.  I had neighbors move in during the summer and he belonged to them.  They quite simply moved off and left him.  How can anyone do that to an animal is beyond me.  So I took him in and gave him a home.  He is really sweet, good natured and loving.  

This little angel is named Hopeless, or Hope, for short.  I did adopt her when I first moved out of my son’s house.  I wanted a companion, and one who would let me know if someone or something was outside that shouldn’t be.  She was perfect.  

Today my plans consist of: rest, catching up on my blog reading, and then heading to work tonight. 

Until we meet again my friends, remember to

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  1. I can relate with you. When ever I feel down I'll go take my camera and wander around, watch the nature goes by, take time to breath fresh air when I am back at home I fell refresh. Camera is a great tool but some can't get it yet, malling is for them while us walking in the woods is more fun hahaha. Happy weekend!

    What Am I

  2. I know just what you mean about having a camera. I think us snappers see so much more because of it. Things we would miss otherwise. Did you tell me what your job is? The wood grain is gorgeous and could be made into jewelry! And such wonderful dogs. Why does hopeless have this name? She looks a bit like a Pomeranian. Your story of the storm is really scary! So glad that resolved well!!!

  3. My camera is therapy....makes everything else just seems silly.

  4. You use your tool well to see and capture beauty!

  5. I never leave home without my camera anymore. You will be surprised what you can see at times. Your shots are simple, but very good of the real things in our world.

  6. Great pictures with lots of variety which is always fun but my favorites included your dogs. They're always fun and yours are not exception - They are so cute!

  7. Loved seeing your dogs, and reading your comments.

  8. What wonderful photos! Enjoy your weekend! Stay warm! ♥

  9. Great photos! I particularly love the close-up of the wood grain--gorgeous!

    I read yesterday's post, too, and I pray for you to feel God holding you in His mighty hand through all these changes you've experienced as well as the ones ahead. May you be able to rest in His perfect peace. He loves you so much!!

  10. Wonderful photos, love seeing your dogs.