Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Motivation Needed Desperately

Hello dear friends and welcome to another Anti Procrastination Tuesday.  Where once again I attempt to stay motivated in doing the things that desperately need to be done around my Little Trailer in the Woods

Last Tuesday I showed you horribly embarrassing pictures of my living area that I had planned an attack on.  I had every single good intention of doing all that I had posted about.  Well......life took over before I could get much of that list accomplished.  I became sick with a sinus infection which naturally was then followed by a upper respiratory infection.  I just love it when school is in and the grands bring me home such nice presents.  I did get a few things accomplished on last weeks list.  I got the dishes done, floors vacuumed, lots of laundry finished, and some dusting out of the way.  I wish I could have done it all.

This week my goal is simple so as not to overload myself.   See this: 

This is a large bookcase that has been sitting in my living area for at least 2 months now.  I've never bothered opening the box, more or less even attempting to put together yet.  I was so excited about getting it along with my new desk for college.  I counted down the day for their arrival.  I longingly anticipated the thrill of having my books out of the box that is in the corner of my living room, and filling the new shelves of this bookcase.  Oh how I couldn't wait for this.  I know it probably doesn't sound to exciting for anyone else, but I had been sitting in a dark, extremely small corner of my bedroom working on my college homework.  So this desk and bookcase meant a lot to me. 

Then came the day that I had my son put my new desk together.  Can you say disappointment?  Maybe that's not even the word I am looking for.  How about crappy disappointment?   After getting the desk put together this is what it looked like. 

To glance at this picture it's not so bad.  But upon closer inspection this is what you get:

Screws that were the wrong size sticking out the side of the desk.

A drawer front that had to have screws added to hold it on.  And it still doesn't fit.

 See why I was so disappointed?  This is the entire reason I have procrastinated about putting the new bookcase together.  Both the desk and bookcase were ordered as a set, together, at the same time. 

I will however make this my number one priority this week.  As you can tell from the above picture in the bottom right corner, those are most of my books to be placed on the shelves.  It has to be done.  Then maybe I can complete another goal from last week, which was to clean off the dining table.  It has all of my college books scattered all over the top, making a huge mess and eyesore. 

Let's just all pray with me that once together, it will hold the weight of my books and not crumble and fall apart.  :)  

Today I am joining Amy @ New Nostalgia for her weekly meme Anti Procrastination Tuesday.   I invite you over to see all the other posts.  Most of the posts at Amy's show things that have already been accomplished.  Me,  I like to have a goal to see and look back on through the week as a much needed reminder for myself. 

Well my sweet friends, I must run.  I have two classes at school today and a couple of online ones that I am much behind on.  Until tomorrow,


  1. I hate it when new stuff just doesn't turn out like you want it-that's why I'm usually much happier with old stuff. I hope the bookcase turns out better for you!

  2. There are just some days that nothing tends to go right. What is so bad, you were not feeling well and all this happened. Trust you will have a better day tomorrow.